Maintenance Services

We don’t just offer maintenance, we offer Care Plans. Native plant landscaping requires less maintenance– though the right maintenance is critical to get the most out of your landscape.

Care Plans

General maintenance, clean-up, and plant & soil check-ups are part of our Care Plans. By having a landscape design that works with nature, our maintenance looks different. Symbiotic pruning, mulching, and harvesting of flowers & herbs are part of the deeper beauty that comes with creating a space that is healthy for people and wildlife alike.

Planting & Seeding

Propagating and reseeding from your established plants is a great way to expand the plants in your landscape as well as retain local genes of native plants that existed on that land previously. With a bit more of a budget, seasonal plantings can add variety and maturity to your landscape faster. Many CA native plants are becoming so popular it can be hard to obtain certain varieties, with a Care Plan, we can plan ahead and usually get our orders placed before they’re sold out.

A beautiful marble bowl with green and white striations filled with white sage leaves


Native plants have many under-utilized values, from food, medicine, skin & hair care, to perfumes, cut flowers and fresh or dried herbs. If you buy White Sage (salvia apiana) from stores, for example, it can be taken unethically. By growing your own White Sage you can be assured its medicinal properties are intact. We’ll consult with you about your goals if growing for harvests are something that interests you.

Everything you need;
None of what nature doesn’t

Eco Friendly

We treat every part of our job with care to do no harm, whether it’s people & pets, plants, wildlife, or the soil itself.


We do our work with compassion and consideration for all living things, choosing to uphold ourselves to the highest ethical standards.


Everything we do is with the aim to make the most of resources on site, relying on hand-work and planning, as well as reducing, reusing & recycling.

Water Saving

Landscaping that conserves water is more critical now than ever. From grey water, rain water, and storm overflow capture & recycling to planning & plant choice– we work to make the most of every drop.

Nature’s Gifts

Your surroundings are unique to you– growing plants that provide a harvest of food, herbs, medicine, or decoration can be incorporated into your landscape design plan and your maintenance plan can include harvesting.

Clean & Tidy

Using nature as a guide, we keep plants looking nice & thriving, with minimal disruption to the many roles they play in their ecosystem.

Some of Our Work

Outdoor spaces, gardens, patios, and other landscape features designed with nature in mind. See some of our past work.

California native garden with wooden chairs in the background and a blooming chaparral mallow in the foreground

Let’s Get Started

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