FlannelBush Gardens is small but powerful!
We have Care Plans to build your native plant landscape quickly & efficiently.

With FlannelBush Gardens, you’ll be able to get established with beautiful plants,
use less water, require less maintenance and have a naturally attractive landscape without huge upfront costs.
We specialize in powerful native plants, seasonal maintenance that builds soil and encourages plants to thrive,
and using naturalistic features that help slow water and collect it naturally.

Sprouting Land

  • A great value that transforms a space over time
  • Covers ~30-50 square feet of area and up to 2 hours
  • Lawn removal, Planting & Mulching, Seeding, and basic Design
  • Plant choice & design is a standard mix of successful varieties

Blooming Land

  • For faster landscape upgrades that are affordable
  • Covers ~50-200 square feet and up to 4 hours
  • Lawn Removal, Planting, Mulching, Seeding & Landscape Design
  • Basic Design & Plant choice consultation

Thriving Land

  • Any service we offer can be done on this plan
  • No limit on size, 4-8 hours depending on projects
  • Premium Design, all services & all supplies included
  • Includes permeable surfaces, walkways, signs, etc.