Natural Beauty; Ever-inspiring Spaces

When you have a landscape that is designed for people, native plants & wildlife, efficiently using the available water, sun & soil– you have a space that is more valuable and enjoyable than can be put into words or photos. Landscapes that buzz with life and are welcoming to native fauna and microscopic life create a truly balanced and peaceful experience for all visitors of the landscape. Water saving, erosion/flood control, pest control, fire-resistance and allergen reductions are natural benefits to these sustainable practices.

Detailed, 3D Garden Designs

Unique, Healing Habitat– Curated for Your Land

• Native Plant Flowerbeds • Native Plant Groundcover • Native Plant Pollinator Paradise • Native Plant Medicine Garden • Native Plant Edible Garden • Native Plant Patio / Container Garden • Native Plant Landscaping for Homes & Businesses • Native Plant Education & Outreach • Designing & Producing Signage to explain benefits for neighbors & community • Revitalizing lots, walkways, and other public spaces with Native Plants • Outdoor living spaces, patios, porches, decks, and window gardens
• Water retention (rain water collection, permeable surfaces, swales, seasonal pond & riverbeds, utilizing rocks and shade, etc. )
• Fire Resistance (plant choice, location choice, using naturally fire resistant mulches such as rock to break up plant areas, and other modern approaches to fire resistance)
• Top-soil retention & rejuvenation – proper mulching, planting, creatively placed rocks & gravel can stabilize and restore top soil for a healthy micro-biome to support plants, retain moisture, and wildlife.
• Pet safe ways to enjoy nature – enclosed patios and pet-safe plants so your pets and wildlife can stay safe!

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