See all our services below. While we are only Landscape Designers, we are also here to help you source trusted contractors to accomplish all your landscaping goals!

• Native Plant Flowerbeds • Native Plant Groundcover • Native Plant Pollinator Paradise • Native Plant Medicine Garden • Native Plant Edible Garden • Native Plant Patio / Container Garden • Native Plant Landscaping for Homes & Businesses • Native Plant Education & Outreach • Designing & Producing Signage to explain benefits for neighbors & community • Revitalizing lots, walkways, and other public spaces with Native Plants • Outdoor living spaces, patios, porches, decks, and window gardens
• Water retention (rain water collection, permeable surfaces, swales, seasonal pond & riverbeds, utilizing rocks and shade, etc. )
• Fire Resistance (plant choice, location choice, using naturally fire resistant mulches such as rock to break up plant areas, and other modern approaches to fire resistance)
• Top-soil retention & rejuvenation – proper mulching, planting, creatively placed rocks & gravel can stabilize and restore top soil for a healthy micro-biome to support plants, retain moisture, and wildlife.
• Pet safe ways to enjoy nature – enclosed patios and pet-safe plants so your pets and wildlife can stay safe!

Outdoor spaces that are welcoming to you & to wildlife

At FlannelBush Gardens, we work with nature to create uniquely beautiful landscapes.
By using native plants, ecologically friendly care plans, and good design principles, our landscaping builds enjoyable spaces for both people & wildlife.


A common need for many gardens & yards is a suitable ground cover- we’ll help you find what’s best for you.

California Native Plant Groundcover - yarrow

Trees & Hedges

Add more interest, shade, flowers, and wildlife habitat with small bushes, ornate woody shrubs, or stately trees.

Rocks & Water

Increase your lands ability to take & hold water, resist fire, and limit weeds with rock & water installations.


General maintenance, clean-up, and plant & soil check-ups are part of our Care Plans. By working with nature, our maintenance looks different.

Landscape Design

Full Landscape Design is the most efficient way to landscape and is your best value

Many are finding the advantages in adding native plants to their landscapes,
such as low water use, low maintenance, fire resistance, wildlife support,
and it’s inherent natural beauty.

Some of Our Work

Outdoor spaces, gardens, patios, and other landscape features designed with nature in mind. See some of our past work.

California native garden with wooden chairs in the background and a blooming chaparral mallow in the foreground

Let’s Get Started

Your perfect retreat awaits. Let us know what you have in mind and we’ll give you a quote.