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The Wrightwood Place

770 HWY 2
Wrightwood CA 92397


Two small projects to get started:
• Chapel Path Garden (corner section)
• Trailhead area plants

Wrightwood Place Plant list:

Goals for site:
Attractive scene for weddings & events
Prevent erosion / improve water retention
Keep native plants & propagate them, remove weeds
Improve irrigation, connect to monitor, etc.
Small scale grading in areas prone to flood
Reinforce areas near walkway

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8 Project 1: Chapel Path Garden - Formal Garden Bed Design

Chapel Path Garden Bed 10' x 16' corner;
1 day of labor to re-lay ground & plant seeds.
Create formal looking garden bed using existing rail road ties to extend from steps in a terrace to reduce erosion and contain plants.

Suggested plants (main colors white, cream, yellow, deep blue & violet):
CA Primrose (Oenothera californica) (transplanted / sourced on site)
Royal Penstemon / Showy Penstemon (seed pack $7)
Baby Blue Eyes (Nemophila menziesii) (seed pack $7)
Creamcups (Platystemon californicus) (seed pack $7)
Sulphur Buckwheat (Eriogonum umbellatum) (seed pack $7)
Yellow Rayed Layia (Layia glandulosa) (seed pack $7)
*note seeds reduce cost but will take time to establish

8 Project 2: Trailhead plants

Add plants to area around Trailhead & stone wall wedding backdrop
1 day of labor to prepare ground & plant plants
Plants to add to backdrop:
CA Rose / Wood's Rose (sourced on site)
Coffeeberry (Frangula californica)
Spiny Redberry (Rhamnus crocea)
*note Coffeeberry & Redberry are both plants often seen growing together with and make a complimentary backdrop to wild roses, especially when the roses are dormant.
Suggested plants:
Plants for area with oregon grape:
Coulter Snapdragon (Antirrhinum coulterianum) (seed pack $7)
Chicalote (Argemone munita) (seed pack $7)

A possible alternative to astroturf is a native grass:
Also, my personal favorite is yarrow which makes a great ground cover in areas that don't have too much traffic (it can be mowed which makes it flower more, and has dense small white flowers). I have pics I can send of the different low-water/low-maintenance native groundcovers I've seen.

4 Irrigation system update

Analysis of existing system, repairs, connection to monitor/management unit.
4-8hours of work with 2 workers

Optional: create irrigation-only blueprints (in scale) 2-4 hours

1 Optional: Paper Garden Design Draft of plans

We work together on a "Bubble Diagram" of the areas to design, what features will be put there, irrigation & lighting plans, and plant species.
After settling on a rough plan, a Garden Design Draft is made on velum paper that can be used by anyone who can read blueprint plans.
Optionally a colorized version and/or framed version can be purchased as a keepsake.
Bubble Diagram: ($100) 1 hour+ of discussion & planning one on one; Sketch bubble diagram in person with notes, then second revision roughly to scale & more refined so that workers can follow it as a guideline.
Paper Garden Design Draft: a scaled, detailed, accurate & artistic rendering of your space with the Bubble Design formalized into a solid plan. Can be used with other landscape professionals.
Paper Draft only: ($250)
Keepsake: Colorized version (+$100) / Framed version (+$150)

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Total $700.00

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