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Box 3274
Wrightwood CA 92397

Quote Number QUO-04-11-24-01
Quote Date April 12, 2024
Valid Until April 30, 2024
Total $550.00

Garden Maintenance
Landscaping updates
Optional: Landscape Design plan
Keep tidy, help garden plants thrive, encourage native / drought-tolerant plants to propagate & add new ones, reduce erosion, connect areas with paths and garden design elements, increase enjoyment of outside area

Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceAdjustSub Total
8 Garden Maintenance

General clean up, weeding, minor pruning, sweeping, etc.
2 workers x 4 hrs

4 Landscape updates

More specialized gardening & landscape updates:
planting, larger pruning, invasive plant removal, mulching & fertilizing, irrigation repairs, updates, etc.

1 Optional: Garden Design Bubble Diagram

Consultation & Garden Design plan roughly to scale with general layout of plants and zones to help them thrive

Optional: Garden Design Draft +$500
A large, in-scale design plan with more detailed planning of plants based on sun/water needs, irrigation &/or lighting, or other important features that can be used by any landscaping professionals to complete, maintain or install the design.

Optional: Garden Design Plan +$900 - includes the Design Draft as part of the process & cost, the final Garden Design Plan has a complete plan of the project's overall goals, themes of color & texture, plans for lines of sight, consideration of micro-climates and fire & flood safety.

Sub Total $550.00
Tax $0.00
Total $550.00

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