Box 3274
Wrightwood CA 92397

Invoice Number INV-11-19-2023
Invoice Date November 30, 2023
Due Date December 8, 2023
Total Due $125.00

Swale with native plants and a log bridge.

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5 Native Plant Gardening

12:10 pm Arrived
Planting in swale, placing where plants will go, expanding swale to area other plants will go. Sifting soil, removing roots & rocks. Sifted soil is much larger in volume so some is moved to the other side of the driveway.
5:10 pm Ended work
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5 hours

0 Site Analysis

Soil could use some thorough healing- requested use of client's soil sifter & wheelbarrow on site (also helps remove roots and collect decorative store-bought rocks that are mysteriously found throughout the soil).
Sifted soil appears much more healthy, a good mix of organic matter, sand, and silt. Unsifted soil still struggles to take in and retain water.

Sub Total $125.00
Tax $0.00
Total Due $125.00